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ohmygawd!!! school holiday, ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we've been waiting for this day
though it may seems so far away
but now..it's finally here..IT"S HERE!!!
here's to two weeks..free from homework!!"

...and that, my friends..is an excerpt from a scrip of my school's choral speaking team..
my boss was laughing when she read it..guess it showed what was on my mind since April, huh..lol
gonna go on a field-trip to the north tonight..just pray that I have enough patience and wits to deal with these kids..long distance bus ride always made me cranky..these kids really don't know who they're dealing with with when they signed up..haha

wish us a safe journey..

Happy holiday^^
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*bangs head on table*


I think my ovaries exploded rainbow sparkles starting at 4.40...
OMG Satoshi...you beast cum teaser you *^*

and at 6.28???? if I was there...I would have jump him...irregardless of the fact that he's performing on stage^^ his fault for tempting us mere mortals..teehee

*credit makkun1019...u're my hero, dude*

well, if you would excuse me..I have a date with 'the repeat button'

what the eff***...hahaha..oh my gah

fanmeet...everytime there's a new dvd..I guess it's a common practice for all fans all over the world..haha
I don't know which fanmeet is this...but all I can say is that ~SHAKE IT..SHAKE IT YOUR BODY~~

hmm..here MnA also have fanmeet whenever there's a new dvd con...if this is what happen when Jun shake it alone..wonder how crazy we'll get when we see all the members shake it..*oh god..even just imagining it makes me want to cry..huhu*

Writer's Block: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
What is your dream for your children?
I want my chilren to be able to live without fear of discrimination..

He totally didn't see that coming, did he?? (oneshot)
Title : He totally did't see that coming, did he??
Author : muharami79
Pairing : Jun/Ohno/Sho
Rating : G
Summary : Ohno was being seductive..Jun was intrigued..while Sho...totally did 't know that he'd been played..
A/N : It's been a while since I last wrote anything..been on Sakumoto mode lately..and I still wish that they hug in public all ready..that's better than reading that Sho touched Jun's nipple during the con...(I wanna see that!!!) Anyway, this is unbetaed, as always.. have fun reading the outcome of my daydreaming session before sleep..

"I want you"


Jun looked up from his script and stared at Ohno in amusement. He uttered nothing, and kept staring at the serious-looking Ohno.

"Excuse me?"


The green room went silent at Ohno's words. There were three other pairs of eyes watching, but both Jun and Ohno were oblivious..that there was one pair of eyes which went wide in disbelief.

"Eh?? Come again??"

"I, Ohno Satoshi, want you, Matsumoto Jun..."

Jun's eyes started blinking rapidly..A blush could be seen spreading on his ears...and cheeks..Ohno, seeing the reaction, smiled lewdly..as if feeling smug of causing such reaction..Not far from them, someone's starting to fidget on his seats..

Jun was silent, biting his lips...a well-known habit that he's thinking.

Ohno's lewd smile turned to a smirk.

Jun looked up from his seat, and stared up at the other man.

"How much?"

The smirk spread.

The sound of the newspaper falling to the ground was the only sound heard


Jun kept his gaze on Ohno..an amused expression in his face. He was distracted only when he was pulled roughly to his feet by the panic-looking Sho.

"They're calling us...Shooting..Gotta hurry..chop..chop..haha"

After glaring at Ohno, Sho left..dragging Jun along with him..slamming the door shut...hard..

Ohno was left staring at the slammed door in silent..His face unreadable..He stood there..motionless..when suddenly a small smile appeared on his lips..

He was distracted from his thoughts when he felt both his hands were grabbed by warm hands. Aiba was grabbing his left, while Nino was grabbing his right..and together they walked hand-in-hand to the studio..

As Nino opened the door, Ohno felt a soft peck on his left cheek..Ohno smiled..He turned towards Nino..pouting..until Nino also pecked him oh his right cheek. Aiba giggled.

"You did good, Ohchan"

"He did, didn't he Kazu ?" Aiba giggled again..

As they were walking, Ohno felt the hand on his right hand slid down to his waist..before slowly sliding further down..patting his ass cheeks..gently..

Ohno walked on..unfazed..like always

Wanna see my students???

the exam is not even over...and my boys..*gives up*

I swear to you, I'm gonna smack him and the other two next week when I see them at school..oh..and the same goes to the one recording it..

My fanfiction list...wow...I did more that I thought possible^^


1) In which Aiba made Jun do something he wouldn't normally do^^ (ARASHI, G, Crack)

2) Of Aiba and Bulges... (Jun/Aiba, G, Crack)

3) Complete (Aiba/Jun, G, Friendship)

4) Dance Baby Dance (Arashi, G)


1) When Aiba Got Too Creative ( Aiba/ the rest of Arashi, G, Crack)

2) Untitled (Sho/Jun, G, Crack)

3) Silent Goodbye (Implied Sakumoto/ Arashi, G, Angst)

4) My present to Sheranino...read at ur own risk^^

5) Of thunder and Lightning (Sho/Jun, Fluff)

6) 5 Presents Sho Gave To Aiba That Made Him Cry (Part 1, Part 2) Sho/Aiba, Fluff

7) Silently (one-sided Sho/Jun, Angst, G)

8) Idealistic Bliss (Ohmiya, Fluff, G)

9) Lost (Ohno, Angst, G)

10) The Best Morning (Arashi, AU, G, Crack)

11) Where's Ohno Going?? (Ohno/OC and Ninja ShoJunAibaNino, G, Crack)

12) Nobody But You (Sho/Aiba, G, Fluff)

13) Cinderella Story: Arashi Style ( Part 1, Part 2 )


1) Of Kitten and Dorky Boys ( Part 1/3, Part 2/3) -Incomplete

2) Contradiction (Sho/ Nino, Implied Aiba/Jun) PART 1/? - Incomplete

3) Fans Meet Idols (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) - Incomplete


1) Arashi In Kindergarten

2) Arashi In Kindergarten - A Trip

3) Arashi In Kindergarten - Tomodachi

Drabble :In which Aiba made Jun do something he wouldn’t normally do…^^
Title     : In which Aiba made Jun do something he wouldn't normally do^^
Author : muharami79
Rating : G
Pairing: All members...so no pairing.
Words : 439 words
Summary : Jun was flustered while Aiba was laughing away like a hyena again...and Nino..got that evil look on his face again..
A/N     : repeat with me...the boys are not mine *chanting*

Sho looked around his surrounding, and nodded. More like approving to himself that the area was clear…

Clear from paparazzi.

Clear from delusional fans. Not that he didn’t appreciate their concern towards Aiba. It’s just better for Aiba to have undisturbed rest.

Walking slowly besides him was Nino. Almost half of his face hidden by his slightly oversized cap. He was walking slowly. Fatigue was clearly shown on his face. He was tired. All of them were, with Aiba being hospitalized again. But he’s mending quickly. He got to admit that he kinda missed having Aiba random moments while recording. And that’s why all of them were here. To pick him home.

A snort besides him made him stop the thinking spree he was having that moment.

He looked at Nino and found him smiling slightly.

Sho looked at him questioningly.

Nino only mouthed the word silently. But Sho knew he was saying “Riida” 

Sho turned and chuckled.

The said man was walking freely without any concern of being recognized. Maybe that’s because his protruding jaw was already in place.

Yeah, right. Like that’s going to work, thought Sho to himself.



“Is Aiba’chan well enough to be dismissed from the hospital?” asked Nino.

A sudden burst of high-pitched laughter came out from nowhere.

Riida laughed softly. Protruding jaw forgotten.

“I guess that answers your question, Nino”

“Has Jun-kun arrived yet?? He said he’s going to join us this evening…” asked Riida, eyes wondering around, looking for the missing member.


Aiba’s laughter was heard again. This time it was slightly more hysterical than the first one.


“Get it off me before the others get here, idiot!!” replied an irritated voice that Sho knew belonged to Jun.

Nino suddenly got that gleeful look on his face which Sho didn’t like. Nope. Sho didn’t like it at all.

“Do you think we should wait for a while here before coming in?” asked Riida; a confused look on his face.

“Are you kidding me??” Nino took out his phone. The camera at the ready. He had that mad look on his face again, thought Sho worriedly.

“There’s nothing better than right now,” replied Nino as he opened the door.

The view that came to his vision was something really unexpected. Nino began clicking like mad, laughing away uncontrollably.  Along with Riida.

All Sho could do was gaped. Like a dying fish.

After all, a sight of flustered looking Jun complete with a fake pregnant belly was something you would never thought to see. Not in this lifetime anyway.

Yup. Definitely not in this lifetime.

Sho took out his phone and clicked.


Drabble: of Aiba and bulges...
Title     : of Aiba and bulges...
Author : muharami79
Rating : G
Pairing: err..Aiba/Jun?? friendship..
Words : 484 words.
Summary : Aiba always had the knack of shocking Jun...just what did he do this time??
A/N     : the boys are not mine *keeps chanting in my head*

Jun had learnt and seen many weird things in his life. That’s what you get when you’re bandmates with four other quirky men.

He learnt that a person can indeed went for day-dreaming marathons that could go for many hours straight. It’s also possible to utter not more than ten words per day. Even when you’re involved in a live recording.

Jun also discovered that if he didn’t know Nino like he actually did, it’s actually quite difficult to tell Nino’s exact age just by looking at his pictures. Damn that brat.

Sho taught him not to judge a person solely based on their outer appearance. Sho was the perfect example for that. He always had that calm, cool, manly look that he carried with pride. Never mind the constant fails in many other areas. Only the members knew of his so-called best-kept secret. Sho would never admit that he had “co-splaying as a maid” fetish. And no…Jun did not notice how pretty Sho looked as a maid. Nor did he had that cosplaying maid-Sho stored in his phone for his own perv..err…private viewing…Nope…Not at all.

Aiba…Aiba is the epitome of weirdness. Jun learnt not to lose sleep over thinking on how Aiba’s brain actually function.

But this… this was just too bizarre to ignore.

He blinked and rubbed his eyes many times to make sure that his eyes were not deceiving him.

“Masaki…what the hell is that???????????”

The said man looked up from looking at that “thing” and smiled when he saw Jun. 

“What thing??” he asked innocently… too innocently for Jun’s taste.

“THAT thing!! That rounded looking thing that’s currently attached to your tummy!” uttered Jun, his tone getting higher with each word.

Aiba giggled, which only made Jun panic more.

“It’s my baby bulge. Nice, huh?” he answered with a wide grin plastered on his excited face.

“Your what??? Dude, I only saw you yesterday. And that tummy of yours is...was...as flat as your ass. Argh!! Don’t lift up your shirt. You’re going to give me nightmares!!”

Aiba laughed again. Irked Jun is always fun. He couldn’t help himself.

“Hey, you wanna touch it?? Come on… touch it!!”

He grabbed Jun’s head and put it on his “bulging” tummy. Jun snatched back his hand as if it was on fire.

“Holy crap!! That felt real!! I’m calling the doctor!!”

Aiba rolled out laughing on his bed.

Just as Jun was about to wrenched open the door, the door was suddenly opened from outside. The other guy was as shocked as Jun. Flicker of recognition appeared on his eyes after a while. But just as he was about to greet Jun, something caught his interest.

Oh shit! That idiot!!

The other guy burst out laughing at what he saw.

It’s too late. Jun couldn’t shield Aiba on time.

“Masa-kun, why are you wearing that prosthetic tummy?” he asked.

Prosthetic… tummy…


p/s: Can you imagine, Aiba with a pregnant tummy??? oh gosh...after 10 months of no writing, that's the image I have in my head..hahaha


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